Mounts Bay Singers


The choir





Mounts Bay Singers is a small, friendly mixed voice choir of about 25 voices.

The choir has built up a repertoire with serious and humorous, religious and secular pieces. It includes short classical pieces, traditional songs from various countries, songs from musicals, pop songs and challenging and beautiful modern pieces, all accompanied by the talented Bridgit England..

Mounts Bay singers is very pleased to welcome the new Musical Director Lois Murray who has recently joined us.

Music and singing have always been an integral part of life for Lois. As a freelance soprano, she has sung much of the standard repertoire as well as writing her own shows mixing all kinds of music with poetry and literary readings. She has developed sound editing skills to showcase the choirs' work.

She has a lifelong interest in education, teaching both children and adults. She has especially engaged in working with older adults in dementia care, watching the "magic" as music awakens the memories.

Lois is delighted to be the new MD for Mounts Bay Singers and is looking forward to some great singing ahead!